How it all began

Kamilche Sea Farm has been farming mussels in Puget Sound since 1981. Since 1986, the farm has specialized in premium Mediterranean mussels – Mytilus galloprovincialis, believed to have been brought over to the Pacific centuries ago on the bottoms of Spanish galleons. They are now found all along the U.S. west coast.

The partners

Anne Appleby, Charlie Stephens and Emily Garlich pioneered the commercial growing of mussels in South Puget Sound – a place with a long tradition of growing oysters and clams on intertidal beaches, but no floating aquaculture of mussels. In the early years, “seed” – baby mussels less than half an inch in size – were harvested from docks and brought back to the farm and grown to harvest size.

Today, Kamilche Sea Farm grows mussels from premium hatchery seed.  Suspended on long lines into the rich, deep waters of Puget Sound, they are ready to harvest in a little over a year.